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Small Beginnings

Essays on Pregnancy & New Motherhood

"When I first held him in my arms, my heart broke in the best possible way." Read the e-book inspired by one mom's pregnancy and first few months of motherhood.

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The Man who Won't Sleep with me

Yes, we’re the “good Christian boy and girl,” but haven’t all of the other Christian men I’ve dated wanted the same thing from me eventually? No matter how devout or respected they were in their communities?

Somewhere only We Know

For all the hard work you are, I wouldn't turn back. I would only press forward. Because watching you grow is a joy. It's a gift. You won't remember the times I held you or rocked you to sleep, but I will.

An Open Letter to the Woman Who Has it all together

I'm measuring my day-to-day with the polished version of another woman's life. And I'm losing. Terribly. Bronze medal at best. How do I know? It's pretty easy to tell these days.



Insta Game Strong

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